Frequently asked questions...STARON SOLID SURFACES

What is Staron Solid Surfaces?

Staron Solid Surface is an acrylic surfacing product. Staron solid surface can be used for a wide variety of applications in your home. Some of these applications include countertops, vanities, and showers among some other things. Staron Solid Surface is non-porous and won’t absorb food or even liquids.

What is Staron Solid Surface made of?

Staron Solid Surface is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate (ATH).

What are some of the unique benefits of a Staron® Countertop?

DURABLE – Staron solid surfaces are made of all-acrylic material, so they’re very durable and long lasting, especially when compared to laminate surfaces.
EASY TO CLEAN – Staron surface is perhaps the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain. To keep your countertop looking immaculate, just wipe with a damp cloth. Food residue can be easily removed with a mild detergent.
EASY TO INTEGRATE – Staron Solid surfaces are installed with imperceptible seams. That means you can smoothly connect your countertops, backsplashes and sinks into a one-piece kitchen system. If conspicuous seams aren’t in your design plans, this is a definite advantage.
HYGENIC – Because Staron Solid Surface are non-porous, they are impervious to moisture, making them highly resistant to bacterial growth. This also makes them highly stain resistant. If you apply Murphy’s Law to kitchens, this is a definite advantage.
REPAIRABLE – A simple repair can fix most surface damage to your Staron Solid Surface countertop. Unlike other surface options, solid surfaces do not need to be replaced if a scratch, chip or crack appears. Scratches can be easily sanded out, leaving your countertop fully restored to its original beauty. If completely tearing out and re-installing sounds like a nightmare, this is a definite advantage.
LOADED WITH COLOR OPTIONS – Staron Solid Surface offer an amazing array of colour choices to fit any design or décor. If you want a room that doesn’t look like everyone else’s, this is a definite advantage.

Does Staron's Solid Surfaces warranty cover damage caused by heat?

No, it does not. We always recommend the use of a hot pad or a trivet when dealing with hot items.

Does Staron Surfaces require intensive care and maintenance?

No, it does not. Staron Solid Surfaces are easy to clean. Dishwashing liquid is all that is necessary for day-to-day care. Minor scratches, burns or discolouration are also easy to repair. Major damage should be repaired by a Certified Installer.

Is Staron Solid Surface resilient against surface damage?

Staron Solid Surface is known to be structurally more resistant against surface damage than other types of countertops. However, it should be noted that all acrylic solid surface is able to be damaged by excessive force or pressure. Cutting directly on acrylic countertops will scratch the surface, however, scratches can be removed.

Is Staron Solid Surface able to withstand heat? Am I able to put a hot pot or pan directly on it?

We do not recommend placing a hot pot directly on Staron Solid Surfaces. Although it remains stable and undamaged in temperatures up to 100ºC, high heat or flame will damage your surface. In most cases, this damage can be repaired. To protect your countertops from heat damage, always use a hot pad when using hot pots.

Is Staron Solid Surfaces resistant against stains?

Staron Solid Surfaces is stain resistant. Because it’s nonporous, stains can’t penetrate the surface, so it’s easy to clean and maintain. Unlike natural stone, a Staron Solid Surface never requires sealing.

Is a Staron Solid Surface Countertop safe to use for food preparation?

Yes, its nonporous surface resists staining and prevents absorption of moisture and food materials.